Equipping Classes (Adult Sunday School)

The Parables of Jesus:

led by Tom Greene

The mysteries of God’s kingdom revealed through the stories Jesus told.


led by Warren Ryan

Following the Exodus and the wandering in the wilderness, the Book of Joshua is the story of God’s power and faithfulness in fulfilling his promises to bring his people into the land he had already promised them. Though it is a historical book, it is truly a theological study, with many important lessons for us, including the nature and character of God, especially his holiness, sovereignty and power; as well as the sinfulness of mankind and its effects on our relationship to God.

Forerunners of the Faith (Church History)

led by Charles Heck & Jason Schmidt

This class is a journey through the history of the church. Beginning with the N.T. apostles and ending with the modern era of the church, this class will survey the events, saints, and legacy of the church. Attend this class and you will get an understanding of how God has been building His church.

Fighters Verses

led by Steve Smith

The “Fighter Verses” Equipping Class encourages people to memorize scripture so that we have God’s word “hidden in our hearts.”  Daily scripture memory and review will help us meditate on truth and transform our thinking to be more Christlike.