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Equipping Classes (Adult Sunday School)

Classes beginning January 14th, immediately following our main service

Call To Duty: 2 Timothy

Led by Warren Ryan

As the end of Paul’s days on earth was approaching, he penned this letter to his faithful protégé, Timothy. This letter is full of memories of the past and exhortations for the future. It is meant to encourage Timothy (and us) to persevere in our faith – persevere in our walk with the Lord, to persevere in faithfulness to sound doctrine, and persevere in serving the Lord and others.

This is a fairly short letter, which will afford us the opportunity to study small portions in more detail. The class sessions will include opportunities for questions, discussions and deeper investigations into the Scriptures with a view toward making application of God’s Word in our daily lives.

Fighter Verses: Scripture Memory

Led by Steve Smith

The “Fighters” Equipping Class is designed to encourage people to memorize scripture in a manner that will help them as they proceed through their daily lives. Jesus is a prime example of using scripture to ward off temptations and when he spoke with the religious leaders of his day. This class will be team taught and will be a class where we encourage each other and look at various memorization techniques provided for us by the Fighter Verses materials that we will be using in the class.

Ethics: Making Biblical Decisions

Led by Jason Schmidt

Describe the Bible’s system of morality in terms of ethical standards, goals and motives. Then equip Christians to understand the biblical standards that apply to modern dilemmas.

Competent to Counsel

Led by Charles Heck

The Bible says every Christian should be able to counsel one another (Rom 15:14). This class is designed to build confidence in the heart and mind of every Christian for such a ministry. Subjects include “Getting to Heart Issues,” “Qualifications for Biblical Counseling,” “The Sufficiency of Scripture,” “The Relationship Between Discipleship and Counseling,” and so much more. This class has limited space.