Equipping Classes (Adult Sunday School)

Apologetics and Evangelism:

  led by Eric Bryant and Charles Heck

How should we share the Gospel? What does a Gospel message or presentation look like? What should we do with objections to Christianity? What are some evidences for the existence of God? Should we prove God exists before sharing the Gospel? These questions and many more will be the heart of this Equipping Class. Join us as we learn what it means to be better defenders of the faith and more faithful ambassadors of the Gospel.

1 Timothy

led by Warren Ryan

1 Timothy is a letter written by the Apostle Paul to his emissary Timothy, with content revolving around the Body of Christ. It is a wide-ranging set of instructions for the church in Ephesus, including:

  • False teachers and false teaching
  • Instructions for church gatherings
  • Church leaders and governance
  • Instructions regarding old, young, widows, slaves
  • Money, greed
  • True godliness

Class format will be largely small-group discussions, with a weekly endeavor to discover how this portion of the Word of God can be applied, both in our lives at Wichita Bible Church and the world in which we live in 2021.

Fighters Verses

Led by Grady Landrum

The “Fighters”; Equipping Class is designed to encourage people to memorize scripture in a
manner that will help them as they proceed through their daily lives. Jesus is a prime example of
using scripture to ward off temptations and when he spoke with the religious leaders of his day.
This class will be team taught and will be a class where we encourage each other and look at
various memorization techniques provided for us by the Fighter Verses materials that we will be
using in the class.