Understanding the Old Testament class

We are exploring the books of the O.T. in historical order. In other words, as events happened in the O.T. and were recorded through the inspiration of Scripture. Our unique approach to surveying the O.T. allows us the joy of seeing more clearly God’s sovereignty over history.

Acts class

Acts covers the events of the first few decades of the early church which started with a small number of believers and spread through the known world with the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. It covers many events of the ministries of the apostles Peter and Paul.

Fighters class

The “Fighters” eClass is designed to encourage people to memorize scripture in a manner that will help them as they proceed through their daily lives. Jesus is a prime example of using scripture to ward of temptations and when he spoke with the religious leaders of his day. This class will be team taught. We will encourage each other and look at various memorization techniques provided for us by the Fighter Verses materials that we will be using in the class.