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Core Values

Mission: Develop People Who Follow Christ and Show Him to the World

Every One Matters (to God and, therefore, to us)
Every One Belongs (to the body, both globally and here, locally, as a part of WBC)
Every One Grows (to their full maturity and usefulness in Christ)
Every One Serves (according to their gifts, serving both the body of Christ and the world)

Every One Matters

God is the Creator of Every One and he personally and individually cares for Every One. His expression of love for Every One includes providing for forgiveness and a restored relationship with God, thus making salvation available to all who trust in Him. The natural outgrowth of our coming to know Him personally is that we share in and demonstrate that same love to Every One, regardless of their appearance, lifestyle or past.

Every One Belongs

As a believer in Christ, Every One becomes part of God’s family, a part of the Church around the world. But Every One also needs to be involved with and committed to a local gathering of believers (a local church). Every One grows best when involved in deeper relationships with other believers in a local church; therefore, Every One needs to be involved with others both for their own benefit and for the benefit of others.

Every One Grows

God’s desire for Every One after they put their faith in Christ is that they continually grow to become more like Christ, by avoiding actions and attitudes that are displeasing to God, and by following in the steps of Christ in his love and ministry to others. Thus it is the privilege and responsibility of each follower of Christ to pursue Christlikeness in their personal life, assist other believers to grow in the pursuit of God, and to train new believers in their relationship with God.

Every One Serves

God gives each believer special abilities by the Holy Spirit as a means to serve and build up the whole Body of Christ, thus helping the Body grow as it should.  This only works as intended when Every One uses their God-given abilities for the benefit of the body. Regardless whether their special abilities are behind-the-scenes or more visible, whether they are used within the church or for the benefit of those outside the church, the exercise of these special abilities is essential for the proper functioning, growth and fruitfulness of the body.